"Bulle sous les jupes d'Eiffel"
"Fontaine Medicis"
"Teddy Nana"

Eastern Europe-born, French contemporary and protean artist painter, living in Paris since 2001, passionate of cityscape paintings, and especially of Parisian views, « jamais vus » motives are his special feature, blurring the line between abstraction and realism.

For Bore Paris it’s the kind of place that offers the right combination of inspiration and pain and suffering and success to keep him stimulated and painting.

He doesn’t feel the urge to undergo a change of style at regular intervals, since his evolution was able to disclose itself, picture after picture, until he reached such a point that currently every piece of his work is a perfectly accomplished artistic revelation, where the psychedelic shamanic ritual what he considers his creation process is performed from beginning to the end.

He captures singular moments with that accuracy and attention to the fall of light and reflected surface deformations, such that they are crystallized and spread their marvel in his paintings…

The changing moods and the fantastic mirages of a city’s mirror reflections can offer so much inspiration and meditation in limitless directions…

The plate-glass window with its dual properties of transparency and opacity has offered to Boré a format that transforms the seemingly straight forward into the complex.

The multiple reflection is not only a tangible visualization of the level of artistic virtuosity of the author, it is also a vehicle for his continuing exploration of the tricky territory of visual and spatial perception. 

The interior and the exterior merge to produce a single image whose complexities are almost impossible to untangle. The result is which the abstract nearly trumps the real.

Bore wants to experiment how far he can push reality to the other side where the “real” is still recognizable, but becoming totally abstract, building that tension until they are just one and the same