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DIDO, a European painter


Reflection, enigma and deep humor are the characteristics found in most of DIDO's paintings. But alongside these constructed and calculated works, some paintings show an inner explosion that goes beyond any shape and any color. These are the two faces of a painter whose artistic visions reflect the diversity of his interests and talents.


Landscapes, portraits, still lifes, religious and secular subjects can be seen in a way that allows us to appreciate the contact of their creator with the world of cubists, constructivists and expressionists. surrealists, tachists during his artistic training.


DIDO was born in 1949 in Split / Croatia and spent his youth in Dalmatian island Koréula. After completing electrical training in Split, he arrived in Germany in 1970. After several years of work, he began studying art and physics at the University of Dodmund / Germany. He passed the exams with the mention "very good".


After graduation, he develops his own artistic expression alongside his work as an art teacher. He shows the results of his work at numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad. His works are now in private and public collectors.


Andrea STADLER - Art historian

Here the pictorial creation goes further, it is also knowledge.

In fact, neither the subject treated, nor the created forms, nor the style, have anything arbitrary. They authenticate each other and agree to produce a pictorial work that is at the same time representative of the music and Bel Canto as desired by the artist.


Here, it is by finding and discovering the form that the meaning is reinvented. It is by digging the subject, by finding him his characters, that forms and colors are arbitrated together, and it is by seeking the most explicit form, that a personal and universal symbolism, endowed with a force, is invented. evocative powerful.


The style of this painting may be reminiscent of the research DELAUNAY, but it would be wrong to see a simple effect of style or a simple know-how.


Style serves the creative invention, it is its agent. He is both an intimate understanding of the subject and a re-invention. It bears witness to a unity found, born from the synthesis of form, colors and meaning, demonstrating that Creation can also be Knowledge.


These vibrant and colorful suites have great musicality. The fair distribution between contrasts and nuances gives a lot of strength and clarity to the whole orchestration. The choice of semi-abstract forms allows to say more, to go faster to the essential, thanks to a perfect deployment of these. No anecdotal details, unnecessary frills. This is why in this instrumental and vocal dialogue, everything seems to be said, but superbly because synthetically conceived.


From the set to the detail, the created forms are invented harmonically and agree one with the other to go as close as possible to the meaning which is inscribed with the order of the creation. They are both symbolic and suggestive, personal to the artist and yet universal, so that the themes gain in readability and take an almost organic relief reminiscent of that of life.


For it is here that the form takes the sculpted material to make it the vehicle of its harmony as the successful challenge of a transcription in pictorial forms of the human voice.


At the dawn of the twenty-first century,DIDO a pictorial recapitulation


The size of a personality makes her able to practice brilliant syntheses. DIDÔ, Croatian by birth, German of culture, seriously trained in the exact sciences, could draw from innumerable sources, he occasionally knows how to be a figurative with impeccable design, his work is above all imaginative, with openings that do not come from the gratuitousness dear to the surrealists, but from a solid metaphysical substratum.


It is not characterized by its graphic style like Buffet, but by a variegated palette with dominant reds and blues, found through the extreme variety of styles. Nothing artisanal, mechanical, manual at home. It is the intellectual in search. His painting is the fruit of a deep inner life and reproduces a mental image or a composition with long maturation. This with the means chosen case by case by this Protée painter, whose multiple faces evoke and imply with a strong resonance various aesthetic research of the past century.

Hubert BLIN

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