Some Dates and facts:


Born in 1968 in eastern Europe

Lives from more than 17 years in Paris.

Painting is his main activity since 1903

Currently lives and creates in Paris and the South West of France.

– 1988-89: studies for the teaching of Literature and Fine Arts, in Bulgaria.

– In 2005: organizes an animation, painting and drawing for the children of the Basque House of Paris, Saint Ouen, 93.

– During the period 2006-2008: animates weekly classes of free painting and drawing for the residents of Foyer Sonacotra "Annam", Paris 20th

– In 2015: his work "Passage du Grand Cerf", Paris 2nd was shortlisted for the final phase of the "Figurativas 15" International Competition at MEAM, Barcelona, ​​Spain.

-In 2017: his "Conte Mirifique, Cartier Foundation, Paris 14th" was shortlisted for the final phase of the International Competition "Figurativas 17" at MEAM, Barcelona, ​​Spain.

–in March 2019: began to be permanently represented at the Marie de Holmsky Gallery, rue Bonaparte, Paris 6th.

-August 2019: Shortlisted to participate in october to the exhibition "Artlab" in the Benjamin Eck Galeery in Munich

Personnal exhibitions


May 3-31, Exhibition of the project "The Mirrors of Paris, between glass and water" at the "Paris Country Club", Rueil-Malmaison.


June 16-26, Exhibition of the project "The Mirrors of Paris, between glass and water", in the Royal Hall of the Madeleine, Church of the Madeleine, Paris 8th.

March 8-30, Exhibition of the project "The Mirrors of Paris, between glass and water", on the occasion of the Journées de la Francophonie. Organized by the Bulgarian Embassy and the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Prague, Czech Republic.


– Nov.16, Exhibition of the project "The Mirrors of Paris, between glass and water", at the Circle "France-Americas" in Paris 8th.


– Dec. Exhibition, One day show, « Paris 13, between History and modernity », Bulgarian school of Paris, in Paris 8th.

– Jul. Exhibition « Paris 13, Paris 13, between History and modernity »,  Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Paris 8th.


– Oct. Exhibition, « Paris 13, between History and modernity », L’Âge d’Or, Paris 13th.

– Sept. Exposition « Paris 13 between History and modernity », Financial Cultural Center, Ministry of Finances, Paris 12th.


– Mar. « La Maison d’Occitanie », Toulouse.

-Aout. « Maison Gadal », Ussat-les-Bains, Ariége.

– Dec. Musical Theater of Pibrac, Area of Toulouse.


– Jun. Mairie du Lichtenau, Westphalie, Allemagne.

– Sept. Galerie « Arte », Sofia, Bulgarie.


– Mai. Galerie Municipale, Kazanlak, Bulgarie.


–  Fev. Residence Adoma « Annam », Paris 20ème,  

–  Sept. Circulo Mercantil y Cultural, Vigo, Galicia, Espagne.

– Oct. Salones « Bahia » Vigo, Galicia, Espagne.

– Nov. Kunst et Heimathaus, Sande, Paderborn, Westphalie, Allemagne.


– Galerie « Herga », Estella-Lizarra, Navarre, Espagne.


– Maison Basque de Paris, Saint Ouen, France.


– Espace Culturel Bulgare, Rue Stendhal, Paris 20ème, France.


– Galerie « Exhal’Art », Paris 18ème, France,

– Bihan Café », Paris 12ème, France,

– Cafétéria, Foyer « Sonacotra » Annam, Paris 20ème, France.


– Galerie « Compagnie des Arts », Paris 2ème, France


-Centre Culturel de la station balnéaire d’Albéna, Bulgarie


– Galerie « Ruvell », Kazanlak, Bulgarie.

– « Café Galerie » avec présentation de son roman autobiographique « Mes rêves africains », Kazanlak, Bulgarie.


– Salle « Sredetz », Ministère de la Culture, Sofia, Bulgarie.

– « Maison Balabanov», Plovdiv, Bulgarie.


– Galerie Municipale, Kazanlak, Bulgarie.


– Galerie « Emile Vincent », Paris 5ème, France.


– Club des Artistes Indépendants, Kazanlak, Bulgarie