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Georgette Simon is a figurative painter. His work shows street scenes, characters or animals. But his loan to classicism stops there. The pictorial act of this artist is larger, infinitely more spiritual. She paints with creative energy in action, lulled by the subjects who strongly emotion. It is the supremacy of the mind over matter. Portraits brimming with life release deep vibrations. But the characters are sometimes absent from the canvas. These are then the remains of their passages or traces of their presence behind the windows that determine the life of the painting. The palette can be strong in color, or tender, all in subtle nuances. The luminous vibrations on the threshold of the dark gleams resonate with the life and soul of the creator. An invincible harmony reigns on the canvas between the fate of man and nature. All the creations of Georgette Simon reflect the essence of a work punctuated by few external events, in which account especially the spiritual adventure.


Self-taught training.


Initiation to the visual arts since 1949


Main creators and thinkers studied: Vladimir Jankelevitch, Jean Wahl, Ravaisson, Simone Weill



Georgette Simon exhibited for the first time in 1959 in Paris. General characteristic of the work: Spiritual


Principal exhibitions :

Amateurs d’art (Paris, 1983)

Salon d’automne (Paris, 1989, 1990)

Salon des Artistes français (Paris, 1989, 1990)

Galerie de la Fondation Taylor (Paris, 1986)

Galerie André Weil (Paris, 1959)


Distinctions, awards:

1er Prix à l’Amateur d’Art (Paris, 1983)

Sélectionnée pour le Prix Utrillo (1962)


Bibliography :

Nouvelles littéraires (1959)

Humour de Proust (1995)