DPLG architect, Laure Chahbazian-Parmentier did not stop painting and drawing considering these two activities as essential to her professional practice. Since the early 2000s, she devotes herself exclusively to painting.

Artistic approach:

"Find flavor in the world and turn it into a trip. The happiness of color, of light, we dive in, we swim there. color is feeling, it is life, pushed to its paroxism. Such waves, flows, overflows, movements ... and capture the transparencies."

Laure Chahbazian-Parmentier


  • 2013: Centre d'animation d'Arras from november 25 to décember 20

  • 2016: 35th Spring Salon of Artist,Paris 5th from april 13th to 23rd

  • 2016: june 19:"Art en ballade", Coulée verte

  • 2017: 35th Spring Salon of Artist,Paris 5th from march 23rd to april 1st

  • 2017: GMAC de la Bastille from april 27th au may 1st