Linda Naili is a promising French painter who has exhibited her work in France, Spain and the United States, and who also lives between the three places. Linda Naili has kept a child's soul; many of his paintings elicit a sense of wonder,magic,dreams and more…

Its central theme is the beauty of nature, which it uses to try to educate the viewer about environmental concerns and to promote the preservation of the planet. His abstract landscapes are full of passion, bathed in a soft light and imbued with an imaginative touch.

She often  paints with acrylic on canvas,wood,glass by mixing more bright,intense colors  with unique materials such as sand,gold leafs to give to her paintings stronger physical presencewhich is enhanced by her artistic skills in manipulating shapes,materials and colors to obtain unique forms of expressions.

«With my art work i can share the way i experience the world, it is an extention of my personality».

«When I  create an art worki loose myself from the calculated and the analytical mind and I only let my imagination flow as a river».

80, rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris

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