Self-taught, Murielle B. uses techniques and colors as a person. Her overflowing imagination, her thirst for creation and her rigor make her an artist apart. His palette of techniques is infinite.

On "Audrey" she was able to model paper to create a relief effect combined with coppery tones that gives the canvas its full depth.

On "Brownie" she invents a technique to create a canvas with scents of coconut and chocolate. On another balloon projection is wonderful. Unlike other artists who write their works in series reflecting their backgrounds or their lives, Murielle B. goes from contemporary to Pop Art through the black and white according to his desires or challenges it spear.

The art lover and the collector are thus invited in a colorful journey, imbued with good humor, undeniable signature of the works of Murielle B.

80, rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris

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